kyoto fushimi inari taisha shrine 1000 paper cranes


I wanted to post up my film pictures separately from the digital pictures I took because there was just too much travel goodness to share.

While planning this trip, I had a crazy idea that I wanted to bring a film camera along with my digital camera to Japan. I am fairly new to shooting film, so I’m not sure why I wanted to bring more gear onto this trip, but I just did. YOLO haha. I was literally searching on eBay daily until I was able to win a bid on a Mamiya 645 Pro medium format film camera (one of the cheapest medium format setups I could find).

I barely had enough time to shoot 1 test roll, develop and process it at a local lab to make sure everything was in working order, and then take it with me to Japan. I was always unsure of every frame that I took, and there are definitely a lot of missed shots I’m not posting (a ton! Manual focusing is hard! haha)…but I’m so glad I hauled all that gear on my trip. There is just something SO great about the look of film photographs.

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